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Telemarketing that creates a storm of interest

How to survive as a small business

As a small business owner I am only too aware of the hardships that businesses face.  A university student made me aware the other week that Derby has the highest figures for small business to fail within the first few years of business.

I found this quite shocking and scary as I am sure other small businesses will.

How can I help my business survive? How can I help my clients businesses survive?

The 1st thing is to review what we are doing, take a good look at our business and go back to basics and make sure we have everything in place.

Keep things simple and don’t overcomplicate matters, we are not looking at re-inventing the wheel.  There are so many examples of businesses out there that have tried and tested methods, so let’s learn from them.

It is so important to ensure that you keep on with your marketing, don’t let this stop.  There are all sorts of different marketing avenues you can use, it is best to use a mixture of these.
For example here are a few that I use and find to be very effective:

·        Networking

·        Social media

·        Telemarketing

·        Visual marketing solutions – these can be posters, leaflets, flyers, banners, signs etc.

·        Videos

At Storm Marketing we talk to our clients and discuss with them problems they find in their business...with this information we evaluate what their needs and wants are and what we can do to help them.  We look at the different aspects of marketing and find the best mix for them.

I will be giving you more information and tips on how to use the above in my blogs to come.

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