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Making conversation the heart of your business

Telemarketing - Can it help my business?

Within your business you should always make sure that you include a good blend of different marketing tools.

My expertise and favourite is TELEMARKETING.   I use this within my business and I see how effective it can be.  I use this for all my clients and I see how effective it is for them and the great results it brings in for their companies.

Why use telemarketing within your marketing mix?

This is one of the oldest ways of marketing and it’s proven to be cost effective. 

Talking with prospective clients and building up relationships with them is an effective tool of generating more business.  We all do this within our business, we probably just don’t recognise it as telemarketing.

A few tips for when you decide to embark on a telemarketing campaign whether in-house or outsourced

  • Make sure you have a plan of who you would like to target
  • Cleanse the data as you go along
  • Be consistent ensure that you keep the telemarketing going even if it’s only a few hours a week

To find out how telemarketing can make a positive impact on your business please call Becky on 0844 376 2222.

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