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Long term opportunities from effective lead generation

How not to - video 3

Sibbalds Financial Services

How not to ..... do cold calling!

"Telesales people don't listen"
"Telemarketers are too pushy"
"Cold callers don't have enough knowledge"

After a lot of market research, these statements about telemarketing were a common find. We are proud that our clients and prospects feel quite the opposite about Storm Marketing.

We are very excited about launching our series; "A Guide to terrible telemarketing." (Click the video above to view).

The inspiration for the series is based on a variety of bad experiences that our clients' have had with other marketing agencies.

We are confident, that over the next few weeks, you will love our new "how not to do it" videos!

If you have been affected by some of the issues raised in these videos, call us and we can show you how it should be done.

There is negative connotation to cold calling, telesales, telemarketing (whatever you want to call it) and it takes a very resilient sales professional to be able to sell effectively over the telephone.

That's where we come in. Give Storm Telemarketing a call to see what we can do for your business.

Telemarketing - Can it help my business?

Within your business you should always make sure that you include a good blend of different marketing tools.

My expertise and favourite is TELEMARKETING.   I use this within my business and I see how effective it can be.  I use this for all my clients and I see how effective it is for them and the great results it brings in for their companies.

Why use telemarketing within your marketing mix?

This is one of the oldest ways of marketing and it’s proven to be cost effective. 

Talking with prospective clients and building up relationships with them is an effective tool of generating more business.  We all do this within our business, we probably just don’t recognise it as telemarketing.

A few tips for when you decide to embark on a telemarketing campaign whether in-house or outsourced

  • Make sure you have a plan of who you would like to target
  • Cleanse the data as you go along
  • Be consistent ensure that you keep the telemarketing going even if it’s only a few hours a week

To find out how telemarketing can make a positive impact on your business please call Becky on 0844 376 2222.

How to survive as a small business

As a small business owner I am only too aware of the hardships that businesses face.  A university student made me aware the other week that Derby has the highest figures for small business to fail within the first few years of business.

I found this quite shocking and scary as I am sure other small businesses will.

How can I help my business survive? How can I help my clients businesses survive?

The 1st thing is to review what we are doing, take a good look at our business and go back to basics and make sure we have everything in place.

Keep things simple and don’t overcomplicate matters, we are not looking at re-inventing the wheel.  There are so many examples of businesses out there that have tried and tested methods, so let’s learn from them.

It is so important to ensure that you keep on with your marketing, don’t let this stop.  There are all sorts of different marketing avenues you can use, it is best to use a mixture of these.
For example here are a few that I use and find to be very effective:

·        Networking

·        Social media

·        Telemarketing

·        Visual marketing solutions – these can be posters, leaflets, flyers, banners, signs etc.

·        Videos

At Storm Marketing we talk to our clients and discuss with them problems they find in their business...with this information we evaluate what their needs and wants are and what we can do to help them.  We look at the different aspects of marketing and find the best mix for them.

I will be giving you more information and tips on how to use the above in my blogs to come.

For more information on our services please visit


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Testimonial from Staffordshire University

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I contracted with Storm marketing to ignite our outbound sales activity and engage with more of our clients. We needed a company who understood that the key to sales is relationships and not product. Storm marketing took the time to understand our objectives, goals and success criteria. Overall, they provided the correct approach for what we wanted to achieve.

Becky was the backbone of the outbound sales effort, and her enthusiasm, commitment and drive to help us succeed was impressive. The results speak for themselves, with busy diaries for the sales staff and pipeline of opportunities which increased week on week.

Andrew Garner

Sales Manager

Staffordshire University


Comarm Recommends Storm Marketing

My name is Julian Confaloni and I am the Managing Director of Comarm Servies Ltd. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of electronic security, including Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Door Access Control and Fire Detection systems helping our customers to be COMpletley alARMed and protected.

After having a chat with Becky and explaining to her that I dont like cold calling, Becky offered to give me some training on how to compose myself on the phone and what to say when cold calling prospective clients.

Becky came to my office for a days training where my wife and myself were given tips and hints on how to overcome our fear of  cold calling. We were also shown how to make good use of our data base and how to add to it when get new information.

We would like to thank you very much for they way in which your dealt with our training. We were very impressed with your proffessionalism and knowledge of telemarketing making you probably the best "Phone Addict" in Derbyshire.

We would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to any of our customers and to other buisness owners that we will meet in the future.

We look forward to doing more buiness with you in the future.

Yours Sincerly

Julian Confaloni

Managing Director


Baseline recommends Storm Marketing

{default_title} related image

We have worked with Becky Kooner and Storm Marketing in various capacities during the last 2 years.

If you are looking for a partner to work with for relationship building; with past present and future clients, then Storm Marketing would be an ideal contact.

I have absolute confidence in their abilities as a supplier and would not hesitate in recommending them to our clients and contacts.

Kind regards

Craig Barker


Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Easter is upon us and it’s traditionally a time of new beginnings and new life.  It made me think about how I could apply that to my business.  What could I bring to my business that would refresh it and give it new life?  

In marketing you always need fresh ideas to keep your clients happy and to help them market their business effectively.  Social Media seems to be the trend at the moment and lots of people are talking about it. Everyone seems to now be experts in how to train you on how to run effective social media campaigns.  I am not one of them, so don’t worry, I am not going to go on about what you should or should not be doing.  However I do know that it is something that companies should grasp and use to the best of their ability.  I do have the basics and I do need to know more as I am asked on a regular basis by my clients; ‘what do I do?’ and ‘How do I use them?’

So for me, April has been a month of learning and I wanted to increase the number of hours of my CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  I invested in a course with Mark Saxby of Status Social Media Marketing to learn more about LinkedIn.  Mark was helpful and I learnt how to use LinkedIn effectively and a tool to help my business grow.  The information he gave me was tailored for my unique needs and answered lots of in-depth questions, but also pointed out some very simple corrections I should make to my profile.   Mark also runs social media campaigns on behalf of companies who don’t have time to do it themselves.  Check out his Facebook page and if you need help with social media he is the man! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/StatusSocial

The other training that I have recently undertaken is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  This is an alternative therapy to free you from negative feelings and beliefs by tapping on various parts of the body.  I have gained Level 1 and will be doing Level 2 at the end of May so I will let you know more about it then.  I used my newfound EFT skills on one of the telemarketers today. She thought I was a bit mad but I told her to keep an open mind.  We were working on a new campaign and the first day is always a bit challenging, so we worked on confidence and finding the right things to say - we will let you know how it goes.

If you need help with fresh ideas for your business and you want fresh new customers then look no further than Storm Marketing, Derby’s finest telemarketing company.

We can help build fresh new relationships with your target market or refresh your exisiting clients on how good your services are.  Give Becky a call on 07852 103811 NOW.

Cold Calling - Building Relationships

Building relationships – How do you do this?

Good question to think about as it’s vital to any business.

 How do you communicate with?

·         Staff

·         Peers

·         Colleagues

·         Suppliers

·         Customers

·         Prospects

There are different ways of communicating as we all know written, spoken, body language are just a few.

Let’s focus on the speaking angle of communication, well I would wouldn’t I?

How do you communicate with your new customers/prospects/existing clients?

In my last blog about cold calling I mentioned there are some negative views of this, but let’s forget those and focus on the positive side of cold calling.


Some tips on how to be effective at cold calling.  The main one and the most important one in my opinion is:

·         Mental attitude – if you focus on the outcome of the call and what you want to achieve this will help, don’t assume what the other person is thinking when you call them as you are putting your views onto them.

·         Be Positive – no matter how the other person is have a positive attitude, start to build the relationship with them, make this the foundation and leave a positive image of your company.

·         Waffle - DON’T I repeat DON’T do this! This is very important be brief, straight to the point and whet their appetite for more information – the old saying is so true ‘two ears one mouth, use them proportionately.  You want the other person to speak more and tell you what they need and want that way you know how to respond intelligently and with benefits that suit them.


Few tips there that I hope will help, if you need any help creating an introduction for on the phone please give me a call and I will help all I can.


Task for this week – yes homework!!

Create your own introduction for cold calling.  Read it through ask others what they think, do a role play.  Call me and I can help you with this.

If you want me to look over it, email it to me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Then after that is done, aim to make at least 20 cold calls this week and analyse the calls, again if you would like me to go through this with you just call me on 07852 103811.

I look forward to hearing your positive results.




Telemarketing - What is it?

Cold Calling - nuisance calls or effective marketing?

There are so many different views on cold calls and a lot of them are negative. 

What do you think about cold calls?  Some peoples views on cold calls are:-

‘they always seem to call when I am making my tea or having my lunch’

‘so rude and pushy, they wont let you put the phone down’

‘automated messages annoy me so much’

These are the stereotypical views when you mention telemarketing but these examples are generally from business-to-consumer telemarketing and yes, the views are probably correct in most instances. However, if you have the right person making the calls this can have a very different reaction - a positive interaction with positive return on investment.

I would like to share a completely different idea of telemarketing and see if this changes your opinion.  My experience is primarily with business-to-business but the negative connotations are still very similar to the above.

Telemarketing, cold calling, lead generation, whatever you choose to call it, are all vital and fundamental tools for business.  Telemarketing has been around for years and has been negatively viewed and ignored by a lot of companies who could be missing out.

Telemarketing is key to connecting with your clients, prospects and suppliers.  Lets change the word telemarketing to “Relationship Building”.  I am sure everyone wants to build good relationships with their clients.  Can you see how just changing the phrase gives a completely different feeling about it, BUT its still the same action?

My aim is to provide useful information and tips on how to use telemarketing effectively, but most importantly, focus on building relationships to ensure you receive the most return on investment possible.

If you would like an informal chat about your telemarketing activities or would like to know where to start, call me, Becky Kooner on 07852 103811, turning cold calls into hot leads.


Film Premiere of Shelf Stackers

{default_title} related image

We have the privilege of supporting our client ‘Light Films’ for another of their fantastic film premieres.

Last year was amazing the response was overwhelming and we had over 250 people in attendance.  They were there to see the film premiere of ‘Coming Home’ but they also had the chance to network with one another and also had fun at the exhibition stands!  Hoping for some more out of the ordinary exhibitors this year as well. 

This will be held on Thursday 12th May 2011 at The Great Hall in the Assembly Rooms, Derby.  The event commences at 5pm and will finish at 9pm.  Hot and cold food will be served throughout the event.

There are some great opportunities to get involved in the event:

·         Tickets

·         Exhibition Stands

·         Video Advertising

·         Ticket Sponsorship

For more information on how you and your company can benefit from the event or to book your advertising opportunity, click here

Children with Special Needs

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Over the last 2 years I have found that this is an issue that has become even closer to my heart.  My son has special needs, which I have known there was something different from an early age.

This has been highlighted by school, although I was against him being labelled the only way to get help is to label them.  This is a long painful drawn out process but I want other parents to know that others have been through this and there is help available.  I have done a lot of research and read many books to see how I can help others and myself in this situation.

BUT at the end of the day the hardest thing to change is people’s attitude towards these special children.  When you see a 'naughty' child that is really playing his parents up don’t be so quick to judge that it is bad parenting.  It may be that he does have different needs to the children you are normally used to.

If you are a parent and your child moans about a problem child in their class, please don’t tell them that they are bad or naughty, educate them that they are different and share some ideas on how to be patient with children with special needs.

Have a look at this website for more help and how you can support these special children.  http://www.autism.org.uk/en-gb/about-autism.aspx

What People say about us.

“I have worked several times with Becky (and her teams). She is alway professional, knowledgeable, hard working and most importantly she 'gets the job done', while being a really easy to deal with supplier and lovely person too. 100% Recommended

Robert Griffiths



Rebecca goes beyond the call of duty to make certain that the results achieved on your telemarketing campaign are excellent. She is a totally committed person.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

John Hayes


Rebecca is a detailed and professional business lady, who aims for excellence in everything she does.
She will always take the necessary time to ensure that she understands exactly what is required from her clients, to ensure best results.
I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who would like the job to be done right first time.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Simon Wright